Silberne Ohrstecker mit rundem mit Moldavit, vltavin
Code: CS-NS1250

Silberne Ohrstecker mit rundem mit Moldavit, vltavin

Code: CS-NS1250

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Moldavit Ohrringe
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Silberne Ohrstecker mit rundem mit Moldavit, vltavin

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62 EUR
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Silver Studs Earrings with Round Moldavite, Vltavin - pic 1Silver Studs Earrings with Round Moldavite, Vltavin - pic 2Silver Studs Earrings with Round Moldavite, Vltavin - pic 3Silver Studs Earrings with Round Moldavite, Vltavin - pic 4
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Moldavite earrings - a sophisticated choice

Silver stud earrings with green Moldavite stone (vltavin) will become your favorite jewelry. Simple and unobtrusive design is perfect for everyday wear and for special occasions and important events. The earrings are made of 925 sterling silver and coated with a hypoallergenic layer of rhodium. It gives the product a white shine, protects against blackening and scratches. Rhodium does not cause irritation, redness, or allergic reactions. The product weighs 1.6 grams, so the earrings are durable and will not deform. They are decorated with green Moldavite stone. The insert size of 6.6 mm emphasizes your femininity and sophistication. The reliable lock provides good fixing. The earrings fit snugly against the ear without causing discomfort. Jewelry is suitable for any shape and size of the ears. Designers use them to correct facial contours.

Earrings as a gift

Stud earrings are very popular because of their versatility. They will like a young girl and woman. Earrings can be worn every day due to their simple design.

Moldavite - a stone from space

Moldavite is a stone of cosmic origin from a group of tektites. There is a version that it arose as a result of a meteorite falling to the ground. It received the name Vltavin in honor of a river in Germany, near which it was first found. Moldavite is considered as strong magic stone due to its cosmic origin. It is believed that it prolongs youth, develops spiritual qualities and enhances psychic abilities. Moldavite is used to relieve headaches and reduce the effects of stress and depression.

How to distinguish Moldavite from fake

  • The stone was first found on the territory of modern Czech Republic and is mined only there. The origin from other regions indicates that this is a fake.
  • Moldavite has a dark saturated color. If it is bright and transparent, then most likely it is bottle glass.
  • Walvin may have scratches or small bubbles. If the surface is smooth and polished, it may be a fake.
  • This stone is vulnerable to scratches, has a heterogeneous structure, may contain impurities and interspersed bubbles.

How to care for earrings

  • Store earrings in a cool, dry place. It is better to allocate a velvet pouch for it.
  • Wash with running water and wipe with a soft cloth at least once a month.
  • Soak the earrings in soapy shampoo for several minutes, then wipe with a soft cloth dampened with ammonia (1 part alcohol to 10 parts water).
  • Protect the stone from drops and pressure.

Do not use soda, toothpaste and hydrogen peroxide for cleaning!

Shipping and payment

  • We offer fast and safe delivery to customers throughout Europe.
  • All products are in our warehouse, you do not need to wait for its appearance in stock.
  • We work on a prepayment and cash on delivery basis.
  • Shipping: from 2-9 euro.
  • Payment Method: PayPal or Credit Card.
  • The product is certified, made in the Czech Republic.

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