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Women's silver bracelets: soft bracelets, hard bracelets, cuff bracelets, chain bracelets

Silver bracelets are, first of all, a sign of good taste. Bracelets emphasize the fragility and tenderness of girls, focusing on the graceful wrists. In addition, from ancient times it is believed that silver has a beneficial effect on the human body. Silver bracelets look very attractive, because they emphasize your noble image, show the purity of thoughts and the sincerity of emotional impulses.

Women often wear rings and the bracelet should be in harmony with them. In this case, in order to decide on which hand a woman should wear a bracelet, one needs to start from finding rings that are suitable in style. An exception is if a woman wears only a wedding ring. According to tradition, the wedding ring is put on the finger of the right hand and, if the bracelet does not harmonize with it, it is better to put it on the left wrist. Wearing bracelets on both wrists is also allowed.

As for the shape of the bracelet - there are no strict rules here. Owners of elegant hands can wear both thin bracelets and massive jewelry. But women with full hands should pick up thin bracelets, not very massive.

It used to be considered a bad man to wear a watch and a bracelet on one hand, now it is a trend, and bracelets can be of completely different styles on one hand: a cuff bracelet, an elegant chain and a bracelet-thread - all this is permissible and will demonstrate your style.

We have widely represented the following types of silver bracelets from 925 sterling silver:

· Chain bracelets;

· Hard bracelets;

· Cuff bracelets;

· With cubic zirconia, with Swarovski crystals;

· With pendants;

· With charms.

Care for silver jewelry.

Silver jewelry presented in our store is coated with rhodium, so caring for the products is as simple as possible. It is advisable to store jewelry separately from gold jewelry or jewelry, in a jewelry box or in a special jewelry bag. If the jewelry becomes dirty, just wash it in soapy water and pat it with a soft cloth. Do not use abrasives or chemical solutions to clean.

Buy silver bracelets for women - at the best price.

In our store Zlatka there is a large assortment of bracelets of various styles, with or without crystal and stone inserts. Each piece of jewelry is coated with rhodium, a special coating that protects the jewelry from darkening, scratches and damage. With this coating, your jewelry will always shine as if it were just bought.
Bracelets are created by Czech jewelers according to the highest quality standards. All products in our store have quality certificates and a test for decoration.
We ship orders worldwide. The delivery service is fast and reliable, and the cost will pleasantly surprise you.
The prices for jewelry in our store are very attractive and much lower than in other stores, as we work directly with Czech jewelers and suppliers.