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Natural Czech garnet rings. Sizes 6, 7, 8 in Stock!

The original design of the Natural Pyrope Ring goes well with both a strict business suit and a light evening dress. High quality work of Czech masters and a pleasant brilliance of precious metal will make you shine on every occasion.

Silver rings are decorated with beautiful faceted red garnet gemstones. Bohemian Czech garnet has a second name - pyrope, and differs from ordinary stone in a rich maroon color. It is considered a precious mineral and has a strong “fire” energy.
January birthstone- garnet has a beneficial effect on the body, in particular, the cardiovascular system.

Silver has always been cheaper than gold, although many women and men prefer to wear it. But some people refuse to buy silver jewelry, this is due to the fact that jewelry begins to darken over time. This was an important flaw. Today, many jewelry factories, including Czech jewelers, where all our jewelry is made, use rhodium technology.

Rhodium is the process of applying a thin layer of rhodium to the surface of an adornment. Rhodium is extremely resistant to mechanical stress and corrosion. Thanks to it, the silver ring shines even more brilliantly than an ordinary, just polished and refined product.

In the catalog of our store you can choose and buy silver rings at the most affordable prices. We offer a large selection of rings with and without inserts.

Noble metal
Silver, like gold, is a noble metal. Since ancient times, jewelers from all over the world have been using this metal to create jewelry masterpieces. In ancient times, the cost of silver was even much higher than the cost of gold, and silver jewelry indicated the status of its owner.

Our Czech masters are connoisseurs of jewelry, so the jewelry of their authorship looks dazzling and noble. Each product presented on the elders of our online store is certified and has a sample. By the way, the cost of jewelry is democratic, in comparison with similar models in other stores.

So be sure that in the online store Zlatka there is that ring of silver with garnet that will win your heart, bringing joy and pleasure.

Want to buy silver Czech garnet ring at the bargain price?

Zlatka online store will be happy to be your partner and offer you the best conditions for buying a women's silver ring with natural round Czech garnet.

• A few days of waiting. The company delivers to any country, and the waiting time will be minimal;

• Great value for decoration. The price of the ring will please, especially in comparison with the prices of competitors for similar goods;

• Elegance and durability. This is a stylish decoration that goes well with your inner world and fits any outfit. A high quality workmanship and a special protective coating guarantee the safety of appearance for many years.

It's really important  to us how customers value our offers. Therefore, the silver jewelry you bought in our Zlatka store will bring exclusively positive emotions, aesthetic pleasure and joy from the purchase. So we advise you to cast aside doubts and stereotypes about online orders, and just choose the thing that has sunk into your soul. And we will do everything that will depend on us so that each client can fully enjoy the new jewelry purchase!