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Silver pendant with natural Czech Moldavite

The moldavite or vltavin stone belongs to tektites and its origin belongs to extraterrestrial.

It is believed that Moldavit appeared after the Earth collided with a large meteorite 15 million years ago. An unknown stone fell in the Czech Republic, near the river Moldau. Therefore, the stone got its name. According to another version, Moldavite is fragments of a comet that has not burned out. It is unique in composition.

Cosmic power embodied in exquisite vltavin pendants

There are many amazing and unique decorations on our planet. And pendants in vltavin - one of them. After all, this amazing mineral has a non-standard origin. It appeared on Earth with an ancient meteorite and is mined only in one place - the southern part of the Czech Republic.
The extraterrestrial origin of the mineral is also evidenced by the unique composition of the stone. Scientists have found that it is based on melted meteorite glass, as well as aluminum oxide and silicon dioxide. This composition gives the stone an amazing "depth", and also makes it a relatively light material for processing and cutting.

The unique mineral has a charming green color and strong healing properties. Fans of alternative medicine claim that this stone has a positive effect on the nervous system, helps to maintain calm in unusual situations and curb violent temper. Moreover, it is often used as an amulet to clean the aura and get rid of negative energy. It is believed that modavit (vltavin) helps with nervous disorders, headaches and also improves memory, stabilizes the heart and has a positive effect on the owner’s vision.
If we talk about magical features, then an unearthly mineral has an excellent connection with space and has strong energy. Esotericists believe that it allows the owner to make the right decisions in difficult moments, protect the owner from damage, evil eye and libel, and also help to achieve financial success. Moreover, it is believed that vltavin is able to endow the owner with the gift of foresight and wisdom with prolonged use.

From an astrological point of view, this mineral is best suited for Virgo and Gemini. With such a “patronizing stone," the owners will be able to achieve career and personal growth. Aries, Capricorn and Taurus will find peace and get rid of negative thoughts thanks to Moldavite. Also, Sagittarius and Crayfish will be able to find inner balance with this mineral.
Unfortunately, Lions should not wear this jewelry. Because vltavin will give them the ability to manipulate others. And conceit and a sense of total power are destructive for this sign. As for Pisces, Scorpions, Aquarius and Libra, it is recommended that they wear jewelry with vltavin only for important events. These signs have tremendous internal strength and are able to "take" the magical ability of the mineral, weakening it.

Now you can choose a refined and elegant decoration and use it with maximum efficiency and benefit.

Unique properties of  wearing pendants with green gemstone from Czech Republic:

- Helps creative people to reveal their talent;
- Improve intuition and teach a person to trust her;
- anti-aging effect;
- Helps to find positive energy and become kinder to people;
- A person becomes more patient and purposeful.

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