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Czech Powerful Moldavite set

Moldavite - Emerald Gem of the Galactic Heart

Silver jewelry sets are decorated with beautiful faceted vltavin gemstones. Natural gemstone Moldavite is a tektite - a mysterious group of glassy objects, that is the product of a meteor collision with Earth nearly 15 million years ago which created the Reis impact crater. It is believed to have fallen from the sky only once, over what is now called the Moldau River Valley in Czechoslovakia. Found only in the Czech Republic, these green gems are among the rarest minerals on Earth-perhaps rarer than diamonds, rubies, and emeralds.

Feel the ecstatic glances of others thanks to graceful sets with a vltavin

To create the perfect look, you need to carefully select accessories and jewelry. Sometimes, it seems that there is no universal solution that equally successfully combines with a strict business suit, a light cocktail dress or an exquisite evening outfit. Or is there? Unique silver sets with vltavin jewelry are exclusive for a reason.

Because it is really a unique mineral that is mined only near the Moldau River (hence the second name - Moldavite), which flows in southern Bohemia. Scientists explain this “exclusivity” simply - the stone is part of a meteorite that fell here. Laboratory studies confirm the fact - most of the mineral is meteorite glass. Therefore, Moldavite is so appreciated by jewelers - its rich green color and unique texture help create the most sophisticated jewelry.

In addition, the stone is highly revered by esotericists. According to them, it is closely connected with the Cosmos and has amazing energy. It is believed that this mineral is able to reliably protect from evil eye, damage, libel, and also endow the owner with wisdom, the ability to make the right decision in an emergency and even the gift of foresight.

Proponents of alternative medicine also note a host of positive effects of vltavine. For example, a stone is capable of charging water; just put it in a glass for several hours. Now the liquid can be drunk or washed with it. After that, you will feel cheerfulness, clear thinking and a surge of strength, and tiredness from a hard day just evaporate. In addition, contact with the mineral allows you to stabilize the heart, calm the nerves, as well as get rid of migraines, sclerosis and feel inner peace.

In astrology, vltavin is of high value, but different signs of the zodiac should relate to these decorations in different ways. For example, Virgo or Gemini can wear these items without restrictions. Moldavit will give the owners material well-being and will help them to realize themselves at work. Sagittarius and Crayfish also interact well with the mineral. He gives them confidence, allows them to find internal balance and less nervous, distracted by problems. Aries, Capricorn and Taurus are also in perfect harmony with Moldavite - it helps to curb their irrepressible energy, scare away bad thoughts, give concentration and the ability to make informed decisions.

Pisces, Scorpions, Aquarius and Libra are recommended to wear vltavin jewelry for significant dates and serious ceremonies. The fact is that their energy is too strong, and frequent wear can "weaken the stone." Lions are not very good in contact with Moldavite. This mineral will help them control others. But power and vanity are bad helpers.

These elegant sets will help you create the perfect look, draw attention to others with attract admiring glances of men.


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