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Natural Czech moldavite rings. Sizes 6, 7, 8 in Stock!

The original design of the faceted green vltavin ring goes well with both a business suit and a light cocktail dress. High quality work of Czech masters and a beautiful brilliance of precious metal will make you shine everywhere.

Sterling Silver rings are decorated with beautiful GENUINE Moldavite From the Czech Republic. Moldavite, also known as the 'Bouteille Stone' or as 'Vltavin' in Czech, is an olive-green to dull brown-green vitreous gemstone. The unusual green gem garnered much fame and attention owing to its unusual origin. Moldavite was thought to have been formed by condensed rock vapors after a meteorite impact.

Perfect beauty and indefatigable energy are concentrated in exquisite vltavin rings

From ancient times, the ring is considered one of the most powerful jewelry in terms of magic and esotericism. But do not forget that it is also beautiful and elegant. The ring can tell a lot about its owner and character. And it’s just wonderful when you can choose a jewelry combining beauty with tremendous inner strength that harmonizes with your character.

That is why vltavin rings are one of the best options. This special mineral is mined near the Moldau River (the second name is Moldavite), which flows in southern Bohemia. This uniqueness is simply explained - the stone consists of melted meteorite glass and has an unearthly origin. It is believed that they arrived on Earth with a meteorite that fell hundreds of thousands years ago. An unearthly green stone takes on a bizarre shape and deep color after professional cutting. Moldavite looks especially good in combination with an elegant silver frame.

But the main thing is not just a decoration, but a real jewel with strong magical properties. Esotericists believe that vltavin is inextricably linked with cosmic forces and is able to give the owner wisdom and even the gift of foresight with prolonged wear. In addition, this decoration protects the owner from damage, evil eye, libel and helps to make the right decision even in a difficult situation.

Moldavit also has many other positive effects. For example, it favorably affects the health of the host, stimulating the work of the heart, helping to improve memory, restore vision, and also help relieve migraines and headaches. Proponents of alternative medicine even insist water on vltavine (it can be used for drinking or washing). This approach allows you to normalize sleep, relieve fatigue and regain strength after a busy day.

Vltavin is of particular importance in astrology. Most zodiac signs are in excellent contact with the stone, but there are exceptions:

  • Virgin and Gemini. A perfect match, because a stone can help them achieve financial prosperity and career growth;
  • Sagittarius and Crayfish. The mineral helps “learn Zen”, feel calm and inner balance;
  • Aries, Capricorn, Taurus. Thanks to Moldavite, these signs will easily cope with their temperament, control emotions and drive away negative thoughts;
  • Pisces, Scorpions, Aquarius, Libra. The internal energy of these signs is too strong for a vltavin. Therefore, it is recommended to wear it only for significant events;
  • Lions Not the best choice. Because the stone is able to give the opportunity to control others. A sense of power and conceit for Lviv is fraught with great danger.

However, it is still a charming decoration with tremendous strength and powerful energy. Thanks to the elegant silver rings with vltavin, you can touch the real energy of the Cosmos.

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