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Silver toe rings with cubic zirconia inserts

With the arrival of hot summer days, beautiful girls are in a hurry to bare their feet as much as possible. Putting shoes, clogs and ballet flats away, they put on open sandals and slippers, revealing for public viewing one of the sexiest parts of their body - toes. Well-groomed female feet have always been the epicenter of men's attention. That is why fashionistas of all ages adorn their legs with original rings and bracelets.

There are not so many girls who wear rings on their toes, but each of them is a bright personality, capable of choosing the most original from hundreds of various jewelry. The closer the summer, the greater the demand for such rings. And it is not surprising, when if not on hot days, you can wear open shoes that allow you to put on display this small, but very stylish accessory.

A ring on the leg will emphasize the individuality and unique style of each girl. It adds brightness and eccentricity to any look. Properly and tastefully selected accessory can become a faithful companion throughout the beach season.

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When choosing silver foot rings, special attention should be paid to their design. It should be combined with the style of clothes and shoes. These jewelry should sit freely on the toes, without causing discomfort when walking. Therefore, if you plan to shoe narrow or tight shoes, we recommend that you refrain from wearing rings.

Wear the ring on the toe only in the summer, when the legs are open and free from shoes that squeeze them. The decoration should be located on the thumb, second or third finger - the choice depends entirely on you and your feelings when walking. Naturally, the presence of jewelry implies impeccable pedicure, while the varnish on the nails can be in harmony with the color of the stone insert. Choose a ring that will be combined with your summer shoes and accessories - so you declare yourself as a person with the perfect taste and style.

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