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Cubic zirconia pendants -  bar pendants, cross pendants, solitaire pendants.

The pendant was created by Czech craftsmen with years of experience. The elegant jewelry is made of 925 silver and attracts with its elegant shapes and delight lines. The stylish pendant perfectly harmonizes with the evening dress, and the ideal look is achieved when combined with silver earrings of similar style.

Zircon or “the stone of the morning dawn” was chosen as an ornament for the pendant. According to the Indian esoteric, it has a strong energy Yang. Even a simple contemplation of the stone can help to achieve inner and spiritual balance. Its owner is well protected from insomnia or nightmares, and the possession of zirconium allows you to develop intuition and mental abilities.

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Choosing a women's silver pendant with zircons in our online store Zlatka, you get a lot of advantages:

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  •  Magic, embodied in stone and metal. The elegant design of the silver frame will make others admire the decoration, and cubic zirconia has a beneficial effect on the body and energy of the owner;

  •  A practical choice. Rhodium coating protects against scratches and increases the life of the pendant.

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